Third Party Fishing Vessel Examiners



SAMS® has been designated by the Commandant, U.S.C.G., as an Accepted Third Party Organization. The following members have been designated to perform inspections under the SAMS® U.S.C.G. Third Party Examiners Program in accordance with the Commercial Fishing Industry Vessel Safety Act of 1988.

Name Coast Guard District Telephone
Michael L. Andrews, AMS®
Manteo, North Carolina
5th (252) 473-3046
Jane Christen, AMS®
Shelton, Washington 
13th (800) 794-0089
Kerry Ricardo (Ric) Corley, AMS®
Panama City, Florida
8th (850) 527-5287
Bill Lee, AMS®
Rockport, Massachusetts
1st (978) 502-5994
Joseph B. Lobley, AMS®
Waldoboro, Maine 
1st (207) 557-5300
Catherine C. McLaughlin, AMS®
Rock Hall, Maryland
5th (410) 708-6035
James R. Milam, Jr., AMS®
Palacios, Texas
8th (361) 550-0847
Roy Scott, AMS®
Port Jefferson Station, New York 
1st (631) 696-1010
Eugene P. Sipe, Jr., AMS®
Estero, Florida 
7th (727) 266-2340

James W. Steffen, AMS®
Sitka, Alaska

17th (907) 747-5394
Troy Tirrell, AMS®
Cordova, Alaska
17th (907) 424-5235
Timothy M. Vincent, AMS®
Stanwood, Washington 
13th (360) 652-8254
Donald Walwer, AMS®
North Eastham, Massachusetts 
 1st  (508) 255-2406
Joseph M. Williamson, AMS®
Ruskin, Florida
7th (813) 641-1001

The Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors®, its Officers, Directors, members or employees assume no responsibility for actions of its members for any misrepresentation, negligence, or judgmental errors.  The acceptance of, and responsibility for satisfactory performance of assignments rests solely with the individual member.